Gradle Receipt's

Gradle is a fantastic build system. It's a huge improvement over ANT and Maven, much more readable, composable, and modular. Here's a cool new gradle feature, gradle receipts. A build receipt is a representation of data captured as you run your build. This build receipt will allow you to understand your build in a new way and discover opportunities to speed up your build. It will help you diagnose and [Read More]

Updating the Launcher Icon

One major advancement since the last release of Lunchpals is the Material Design spec. This is an incredibly handy guide for creating a consistent and modern UX for the entire Android platform. Old Launcher Icon Here is the old launcher icon, this was a very playful design created by my very talented sister. This is a really vibrant design, that is very clearly a dude in a lunchbox. New Launcher [Read More]

Lunch Pals

Lunch Pals has been used in an alpha state for just over two years now. With the last active development coming in March 2014. The time has come to revisit the app, apply modern application design and polish the user experience. A couple of goals included in this app refresh include: Implement MVP design pattern CI with automated tests Use Material Design Implement Friend Request's Create custom 'Nudge' animation Review [Read More]