Gradle is a fantastic build system. It's a huge improvement over ANT and Maven, much more readable, composable, and modular.

Here's a cool new gradle feature, gradle receipts.

A build receipt is a representation of data captured as you run your build. This build receipt will allow you to understand your build in a new way and discover opportunities to speed up your build. It will help you diagnose and fix problems, and allow you to easily share your build data.

This is a really cool way to get an idea for what takes up the most time in your builds and offers suggestions for speeding things up.

Lunchpals example

Here's the results from Lunchpals :connectedCheck build task.

development machine on Travis

Of course TravisCI provides build time information as well, but what's useful about receipts is that you can generate a unique receipt for each build task whereas TravisCI only provides the total build time.


#Build, and run tests script:
- "./gradlew check -Dreceipt" - "./gradlew connectedCheck -Dreceipt"