One major advancement since the last release of Lunchpals is the Material Design spec. This is an incredibly handy guide for creating a consistent and modern UX for the entire Android platform.

Old Launcher Icon

Here is the old launcher icon, this was a very playful design created by my very talented sister.

Old Launcher

This is a really vibrant design, that is very clearly a dude in a lunchbox.

New Launcher Icon

The new icon was designed following the spec, it's only 'OK' in my estimation.
New Launcher

Overall I like how this looks more "Material", but I have a couple of gripes with this design.

  • Kind of lifeless
  • Hard to tell if it's a lunchbox or a briefcase
  • Not totally sold on the colors.

For now it will do, but this feels like "placeholder art" to me.

Header Image Source: Ping on Dribble